B-Fresh Floral, under the name VW Floral Marketing, was created in 2001 by several Van Wingerden families. However, the Van Wingerden growing tradition started long before in Carpinteria, California and is rooted as far back as the 1600′s in the Netherlands.

In the late 1960′s the Van Wingerden brothers found, through the University Cooperative Extension system, that Carpinteria was the ideal location for growing flowers. The climate, soil and water quality were optimum. So in 1967, four Van Wingerden brothers–Case, Hank, John and Bill–moved their families from the Netherlands to Carpinteria and started growing flowers for the wholesale industry.

Today, the Van Wingerden families combined own more than 15 nurseries and grow over 35 different flowers, including hundreds of varieties in 120 acres of greenhouses on California’s coast.

Their history, philosophy and positioning at the forefront of growing trends has made the Van Wingerden family one of the largest growers, distributors and marketers of fresh-cut flowers in the USA.

In 2001, several growers in the family decided to team up and market their product, specifically bouquets, to the mass-market industry. They created VW Floral Marketing, which was renamed B-Fresh Floral in late 2011.

B-Fresh Floral is a leader in hand-tied California Bouquets and Consumer Bunches!